Family Law

What is Family Law?

Family Law is a specific department of the Law that is involved with issues concerning people who are connected through either heritage, co-residence or marriage. A lot of the work in Family Law revolves around:
– Adoption/Custody of Children
– Domestic Relationships (typically marriage)
– Conflict within Domestic Relationships (Divorce/domestic violence)

Family Law usually deals with the separation of marriages or civil partnerships. Many things are considered within the separation such as child support, custody of children and property division

Custody/Child Support
The law endeavours to provide a safe environment for children to have a fulfilling upbringing. When there is conflict between both parents/guardians, the Law,  must make a decision on whether both parents are appropriate to have joint custody of the child or if one of the parents should full/almost full custody of the child. Many different factors are taken into account when making the decision.

Domestic Violence
If a member of the Family (spouse or a child) is in danger, the Law must implement an action to provide optimum protection to the individual, this can be done with stripping parental guardians of their parental status of endangered and putting the children into care. Another common procedure is to give restriction laws to people who impose danger to another individual.