How to solve business issues

The business world is constantly changing, and as a business owner, it is important to keep up to date with the risks and opportunities as these are vital to a successful company.  Many businesses don’t have access to the relevant resources that check employment history, due diligence and potential clients. Find out about employment law.

London’s reliable investigators

Larger corporations often invest in a service that investigates the business to help find out if anybody is participating in any illegal activity. We recommend using Private Detective London for all your investigation needs. See: Services.

PDL has a network of professional and experienced investigators to support business and personal customers. Their ethos means they are dedicated to finding you the truth, in an honest, discrete and ethical way.

What services do private investigators offer?

Of course, each detective company is different and they would offer services that are catered specifically for their client, but we have the most popular services across a range of businesses.


There are two techniques used for surveillance watch, this is covert and counter. Counter is for clients who believe they are being watched and want to find out the truth. Click here.

Private investigators will find out if you are under observation and discover why. Services often include bug and GPS sweeping and eavesdropping protection.

Background checking:

Background checking is ideal if you are an employer trying to find suitable candidates for your business or for a landlord finding a tenant. This allows you to reveal employment, academic and family history. Other information is also reported.

Due diligence:

Due diligence is essential to a successful business as without it, there are many risks. Due diligence is conducted to avoid any bad transactions and defects in a strategy due to the changing market. It also helps to gain information that can be useful if valuing assets.

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