UK Personal Injury

UK Personal Injury

Getting injured at work can be very stressful and frustrating. Many injured workers are often given incorrect or partial information, which some insurance companies do to limit the care that the injured workers deserve. If you know your rights, you will be entitled to the right care that you deserve.

Company Doctors Do Not Always Put Your Health First

Many employers or insurance carriers want you to believe that you need to stick with the doctor that they provide because it is better for you. However, since most company doctors work for the insurance carrier, they have more interest in keeping the insurance carrier happy than their patients. Many company doctors can cut short your treatment, even if you are not fully recovered yet!

You Don’t Have To Go To The Company Doctor

Many injured workers do not know that there is a law in California stating that after 30 days you have the right to change to any doctor of your choice. You do not even have to discuss it with your employer, the company doctor, or the insurance carrier. All you need is to schedule an appointment with the new doctor and provide them with the claim number and the insurance information.

During the first thirty (30) days of work injury, you can also request a doctor or different specialty. This even includes a doctor of chiropractic. By law, workers’ compensation carriers need to provide a doctor to you within five (5) days. If they fail to provide a name of a doctor, then you may go to a doctor of your choice.

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